What are some good sites to play IPL Fantasy 2019?

What are some good sites to play IPL Fantasy 2019?

IPL 2019 is kicking off from April 7th, and we are all awaiting the game of all the other game. IPL has set the mood when with their IPL 2019 auction, where eight teams have to choose one of the best players and now we are all waiting to see them in action. But if you are IPL lover than you have also played IPL fantasy cricket. Here is the list of some good site to play IPL fantasy 2019.

What is IPL fantasy league?

Its same as football and cricket fantasy league, in which you need to choose 11 player and three substitutes and make the team. You need to choose them wisely, and when they perform in real life and hit some run and take wickets, you gain score by it.

It’s a really popular and competitive game in India. As we love watching IPL, we want to create a team with the best of the best player and win matches. It’s not just about choosing player randomly, but there are science and skill behind it.

IPL fantasy put you in the shoes of a franchise owner, as you are also buying a player like them, but with fake money. You need to make decisions which affect the whole team and if you choose wrongly, your team might lose the game. Its same as being football manager when you need to make decisions when affecting the winning and losing of the game.

More than just a fantasy, it’s a game which tests your skill and experience, as you need to choose a player based on their past experience, recent play, age and all the other factor. It’s like betting on the horses, you need to research on it and choose the winning horse to win the game. But there is no money involved in IPL fantasy.

There is just few IPL fantasy website which can prove this service where you can play. We have made a list of sites which let you play IPL fantasy 2019.

List of site to Play IPL Fantasy 2019

  • Indian Premier League Fantasy

The official IPL fantasy league which is the official website for IPL. They let you play the fantasy cricket match just like a real one. You can create your team with a choice of all the player and make a proper team which might let you win the Indian Premier League Fantasy. Here is the link to the website. Right now they are closed, but once the match starts to play, they will begin the IPL fantasy 2019.

ipl fantasy
ipl fantasy
  • Fantasy Iplsn

This is another place where you can play IPL fantasy league, and one of the best thing about it is, you can actually win prices from it too. You can create your dream team and wait for the result. After the IPL 2019 will be over, if you are on the top of the fantasy league chart-board, you can win exciting prices. They have tons of prices from mobile phone to TV and even bats and shoes. You can visit their website and start playing the IPL fantasy 2019.


  • Cricbattle IPL fantasy

Cricbattle is one of the prominent names when you search for IPL fantasy 2019. They offer the same thing as other. They will let you play the fantasy league, and you can actually win the cash prices. You can also play with money and win three times for prize. It was written on their website that it’s 100% legal so we are going by their words. Visit their website and start playing.


There are few names which came to mind when you talk about IPL fantasy league, but we are not sure they will provide for IPL 2019, here is the list.


Dream11 Fantasy League





I hope this article is useful to you. So where do you play IPL fantasy league? Did you play from any of the website we mention and how was your experience? Do let us know in the comments.