Hotstar IPL Live Streaming on

Hotstar IPL Live Streaming on

IPL 2018 has begun on Friday and we are hoping to watch the whole season. But most of the time, we are not available at home and cannot watch the IPL live streaming. That is why you can use Hotstar and watch live IPL matches. Its an application in iOS and Android and you can watch IPL match live streaming on Hotstar.

Hotstar IPL live Streaming

Hotstar is a live streaming app which can be helpful to watch IPL 2018 live matches. It’s simple and free application which can be helpful to watch any IPL live matches. You just need to visit and log in and if you don’t have an ID, then you can simply sign up for a new account. Apart from IPL live streaming matches, you can watch movies and TV series online as well.

How to watch IPL match Live on Hotstar IPL live streaming

Now you don’t need to worry about the question, where to watch IPL live streaming or in which app you can watch IPL live streaming for free, as Hotstar is the solution to all. Watching cricket match live streaming is easy, here is what you need to do.

Download Hotstar from

Google play store: Hotstar Android

Apple play store: Hotstar iOS

Or visit

  • On the main screen, you will find TV, movies, sports. You need to go to the sport section
  • From there you need to go to IPL 2018
  • From there, you will find all the matches which had been played and all the live matches
  • Click on the picture of live matches to watch IPL live streaming
  • If you are a Hotstar premium user then you can watch Live streaming as same the match, but if you are using a free account, then it will be five minutes delay in IPL live streaming


Where to watch IPL live streaming?

There are only two ways you can watch IPL live Streaming of matches. You can go to your Tv and watch it on star sports channel or you can watch online on Hotstar which provides IPL live streaming. For the channel, you need to subscribe to It on your dish or call your cable person for that. To watch IPL live streaming online, you just need to download Hotstar app and you can watch IPL live matches online. IPL matches live available on Hotstar website and Hotstar android and iOS application. you can watch Hotstar IPL live Streaming.

We hope this article would help you watch IPL live streaming on Hotstar. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments.