Rajasthan royal anthem In IPL 2019

Rajasthan royal anthem In IPL 2019

This year IPL 2019, we will be welcoming back to royals and the kings as in Rajasthan Royals and Chennai super king. The new anthem of Rajasthan Royals just hit the internet and the Rajasthan royal anthem In IPL 2019 is “Phir Halla bol” as the return of the Rajasthan royal in IPL 2019.

In 2016, two teams were banned to play IPL for two years and they were Chennai super king and Rajasthan royal. The fan was awaiting them as they are one of the best team and this year after IPL 2019 Auction, teams look really great and it would best team in IPL 2019.

The Rajasthan royal anthem In IPL 2019 was sung by Ila Arun which is one of the most removed singers in Bollywood and known for their folk songs of Rajasthan. The royal anthem was beautifully choreographed around Rajasthan and shows the true spirit of the game.

Rajasthan Royals IPL 2019 anthem was released on Twitter by the official Twitter account of Rajasthan royal. It was written there, The new Rajasthan Royals anthem is here, It’s time to turn up the volume and #HallaBol with us! #RRAnthem2019.

The video of the Rajasthan royal anthem in IPL 2019 was shown a boy in blue running around in the street of Jaipur and Udaipur while people celebrating the come back to their favorite team. They are dancing and singing and excited for the IPL 2019 and the video ends with people across the city gathered in the desert and waiting for the player of Rajasthan royal in IPL 2019 to show up and then they would chair.

The song “Phir Halla Bol” is next version of the original Rajasthan royal anthem “Halla Bol” because they are returning back after two years and they are well prepared to take this IPL 2019 trophy home.

IPL 2019 will be a one of the most anticipated game ever as the best two team are returning back and all the team is brand new with a new player they bought in IPL 2019 auction. The team dynamic has been changed and a new player will add lots of value to the team. Rajasthan royal release IPL 2019 theme was rightly timed as it would uplift the moral of the team and spirit of the fan.

We hope to see the Rajasthan royal play their A game in IPL 2018 and with the new anthem of Royal in IPL 2019 just make sure to announce that we are back and this time we are going to win.

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